Wooden windows and doors require periodic care in order to ensure they maintain their good looks, durability and proper function. Naturally, timber windows are subject to a mixture of weather conditions and due to the various types of architectural and installation solutions, there is no hard and fast rule that stipulates just how often these wood maintenance activities should be done.

With a passion for wood, Plena Fide realized the necessity for giving wood the precise and passionate treatment it deserves. Because wood stays a living organism, even after sculptured into whatever final product is required; a wooden window, a wooden door, wooden sliding door or even a lovely outside wooden carving, it cannot survive without the correct and continues treatment it needs.

By means of trial and error, Plena Fide established the correct way of wood maintenance on windows, doors, garage doors, sliding and sliding folding doors.


Wood Maintenance Process:

The wood maintenance starts with, removing the old varnish or sealant application on the wood completely. This is done by physically sanding down the entire window or wooden item. Now the sanding is only done on the outside, and the reason for this, is because the damage is only on the outside. In severe cases we even turn to some type of paint stripper, to ensure that the old product is removed completely.

After this is done, we start with the healing proses. We apply 3 layers of a mix of various oils onto the raw wood, of which the final coat includes a wood stain (the customer’s choice).

Now this oil mix is compiled of specific types of oils, to ensure maximum penetration into the wood fibres. We found that, it is impossible to seal a wooden window or door 100%, that is why, we rather give the wood the correct nourishment, in order to withstand the severe climate changes of our lovely country.

Once this labour-intensive treatment is finished, then it is merely a matter of annual wood maintenance. No more sanding, no more special oils. It merely needs a generous coat of one of our locally manufactured wood oils on the market. You will now start to enjoy the wood in your life, and not despise it.


Projects Completed:

Wood Maintenance

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