Rusted Steel Roof Repair and Painting

In South Africa zinc or galvanised IBR sheet is one of the most affordable roofing options and is installed on many homes in both rural and urban communities. Even upmarket housing and commercial developments use galvanised roofing on contemporary designs and, when properly maintained, this roofing option can last 20 years or more.  One of the worst enemies of zinc or galvanised roofing is rust. Once rust gains a foothold it can quickly destroy a roof.

Steel Roof Repair and Painting Contractor

Plena fide repair rusted steel roofs. Our skilled contractors are trained in the replacement and repair of all types of steel roofs. From IBR steel to corrugated iron, we do it all.

Plena Fide offers the most cost effective and correct way to the rust solution.  These are the steps we take to make that rusted roof look new.

General maintenance for IBR roofing:

1.  Roof before treatment:


2.  Sanding:  Sanding with brushes to get all flakes and crusts of.

3.  Wash:  Roof are washed with soap or de-greaser.


4.  Treatment:  The rust treatment are being applied.

5.  Sealent:  All the screws are sealed.


6.  Paintwork:  2-3 Coats of paint are being applied.  End product.


Projects Successfully Completed:


Waterproofing Roofs

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