Plena Fide offers the home owner (our customers) a service for interior painting or exterior painting. Whether you are doing just your normal improvements, or you are getting ready to sell your property. Plena Fide also offer the service of Paint Contractor to the corporate industry. Plena Fide paint technique, method of application and order of product use, we believe has made us the leaders in the paint contractors’ field, and to prove this statement, here is the 5-step method, we as paint Contractor have perfected over the last 8 years. With our 5-step paint method, we as Paint Contractor have found dozens of happy and satisfied customers, and guarantee you, should you decide to use Plena Fide as your paint contractor, you will surely be as satisfied and happy as all our other customer that crossed our paths through the years.


Waterproofing / Damp Cure

Due to the severe weather conditions here in South-Africa there is unfortunately, a huge waterproofing problem. Once again, Plena Fide believe in using only the top brand names in this field. We stay with the 3-step resolution. Plena Fide start with determining if the damp is caused either by positive and negative. Then we determine what the best methods will be to rectify the cause. We adhere to manufacturer guide lines when starting a waterproofing project. Basic Leak detection, Proper surface preparation, then the Application.
There are basically 5 kinds of waterproofing
- Waterproofing with a membrane cloth added. (usually applied to roof ridges, walls etc.)
- Waterproofing with a fibre thread inside.
- Waterproofing with a silicon or rubber compound base.
- Cementous base waterproofing.
- Bitumen torch-on, with Aluminium over coat.

Surface preparation

- The surface that needs to be waterproofed, needs to be cleaned thoroughly from all damages on structure and old products, and dried completely deepening on products being used.
- Any loose particles need to be removed in order to guarantee proper adhesion.
- In certain circumstances, a type of acid wash is needed to ensure surface is clean.


- If all is ready, and Plena Fide are positive that the surface is clean, the application can begin. Depending on the type of waterproofing, certain drying periods are required between applications.
- A 2-4-coat application is applied, with the necessary drying periods between each application.
- Because of the severity of a water leak, Plena founded found that this method is most effective, and therefore ensuring total customer satisfaction.
- Plena Fide waterproofing service can do waterproofing on the following roof tops: Tiled roofs, IBR and corrugated roofs or SLABS.
- Plena Fide waterproofing service can also do walls and Floors, cement and tiles floors.

Waterproofing Roofs

In South Africa zinc or galvanised IBR sheet is one of the most affordable roofing options and is installed on many homes in both rural and urban communities. Even upmarket housing and commercial developments use galvanised roofing on contemporary designs and, when properly maintained, this roofing option can last 20 years or more. One of the worst enemies of zinc or galvanised roofing is rust. Once rust gains a foothold it can quickly destroy a roof.

Steel Roof Repair and Painting Contractor

Plena fide repair rusted steel roofs, as much as possible. Rust must be removed then the surfaces need to be treated. Our skilled contractors are trained in the replacement and repair of all types of steel roofs. From IBR steel to corrugated iron, we do it all. Plena Fide offers the most cost effective and correct way to the rust solution. These are the steps we take to make that rusted roof look new.

Wood Maintenance

Wooden windows and doors require periodic care in order to ensure they maintain their good looks, durability and proper function. Naturally, timber windows are subject to a mixture of weather conditions and due to the various types of architectural and installation solutions, there is no hard and fast rule that stipulates just how often these wood maintenance activities should be done. With a passion for wood, Plena Fide realized the necessity for giving wood the precise and passionate treatment it deserves. Because wood stays a living organism, even after sculptured into whatever final product is required; a wooden window, a wooden door, wooden sliding door or even a lovely outside wooden carving, it cannot survive without the correct and continues treatment it needs. By means of trial and error, Plena Fide established the correct way of wood maintenance on windows, doors, garage doors, sliding and sliding folding doors.

Wood Maintenance Process:
The wood maintenance starts with, removing the old varnish or sealant application on the wood completely. This is done by physically sanding down or and paint stripping the entire window or wooden item. Now the sanding is only done on the outside, and the reason for this, is because the damage is only on the outside. In severe cases we even turn to some type of paint stripper, to ensure that the old product is removed completely. After this is done, we start with the healing proses. We apply 3 layers of a mix of various oils onto the raw wood, of which the final coat includes a wood stain (the customer’s choice).

Now this oil mix is compiled of specific types of oils, to ensure maximum penetration into the wood fibres. We found that, it is impossible to seal a wooden window or door 100%, that is why, we rather give the wood the correct nourishment, in order to withstand the severe climate changes of our lovely country. Once this labour-intensive treatment is finished, then it is merely a matter of annual wood maintenance. No more sanding, no more special oils. It merely needs a generous coat of one of our locally manufactured wood oils on the market. You will now start to enjoy the wood in your life, and not despise it.

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3D Board Installation

A high quality, artistic and durable 3D Board wall finish that is environmentally friendly. Which can be utilized to create standalone feature walls or a more subtle and subdued atmosphere of elegance and refinement throughout the home or business.


Our unique 3D Wall Decor provides an eco-friendly alternative to standard wall cladding. At a time when the environmental impact of a product is as much a focus as design, this distinctive green product is setting a new trend in wall furnishings and taking interior design to a new level. Constructed primarily from plant fibres and using environmentally friendly technology, 3D Wall Decor are clearly dedicated to ensuring that their exceptional product enhances your home with minimal environmental impact.

Bathroom Renovations

Any home almost feels new after a bathroom was redone. With older houses we’ve found to replace all pipping then re-doing the bathroom makes sense as the older galvanized piping rusts and over time disintegrate. While updating your bathroom replace all old galvanised pipes then you don’t stan ad chance to have to redo it all again when an old pipe fails. We have all the contacts to get good quality tiles, baths, showers, taps and mixers etc.


This is the service that makes Plena Fide unique from other ceiling contractors. Plena Fide offer a supply and install of PVC ceilings as well. The green way to go. You’ll never need to paint it of worry then water get to it. When duty just clean with soap and cloth.


PVC CEILINGS are made from a robust plastic material called PVC. They are attractive, last for years and require almost no maintenance. PVC ceiling panels offer the home or business owner a cost-efficient alternative to regular rhinolite ceilings. PVC ceiling panels offer excellent insulation, keeping you warm in the winter and cool during the summer. PVC ceiling panels are available in a huge variety of colours and designs offering a classy ceiling for a fraction of the cost of normal ceilings. PVC ceiling panels are available in a wide variety of colours and designs.


- PVC ceiling panels are easy to install
- PVC ceiling panels are quick to install with no mess or fuss
- PVC ceiling panels offer excellent insulation
- PVC ceiling panels are water proof and fire retardant
- PVC ceiling panels are maintenance free
- PVC ceiling panels last for years


Everyone should use PVC Ceiling Panels; unfortunately, not many people are aware that there is an alternative product for decorating, bathrooms, kitchens, business premises etc. PVC CEILINGS are the answer if you are looking to install a new and modern ceiling in your home, business, school or any internal space. PVC CEILINGS offer a sanitary environment for concerned parents and a stylish look, quick-to-install solution, modern and an entire house ceiling can be installed in less than a day, with no dust or mess. PVC ceiling panels are available in matt or gloss, are suitable for humid and dry environments.

Costs include:

- PVC Ceiling
- Brandering
- Cornice
- Primer & Paint (for the cornices)
- Labour

As part of Plena Fide Services we offer cornices and cornice installation. Polystyrene cornices have become the preferred alternative to the plaster products which are heavy, can break easily if mishandled, difficult to install and they are not waterproof and will damage if any moisture gets to the product. Our cornices are relatively easy to install, as they are lightweight and require no screws or nails. They are simply fixed by means of a water based acrylic adhesive. The cornice is easy to cut with a fine-tooth hacksaw and the result is always perfect! Plena Fide supply and install any shape and size cornice to meet our customer’s needs.

Corrugated Cladding

Corrugated cladding is getting more and more used for decorating and looks good. We can paint it any colour you need. We can even install isolation under keeping the temperatures more stable inside.

Building Alterations

Specializing in renovations, alterations, building and home improvement, as well as small-to-medium construction projects, ranging from additions to renovations.

We manage all aspects of your project from start to finish’s.

Renovations, alterations, and maintenance, of residential and commercial properties. We also offer Interior Design and Decorating Services, to assist the client with their interior finishes choices.


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